Thursday, 8 December 2011


Two hands, ten fingers
On these metal strings;

The night before that dismal dawn
When you just ‘moved on’.
My heart bled that whole night,
Sucked in a vacuum without light.

A chord snapped between your heart and mine
My heart ached like a wound in brine.
“I am there with you, Dear”, you said, “Do not fret.”
Then why did you leave me here, with eyes all wet.
Like a bend in a river, you changed your way
You cared for my heart, then you did slay.

As the chords snapped,
The bridge fell down;
Leaving my heart wretched and patched
You left me here with no strings attached.

Two hands, ten fingers
On these metal strings…

Poem and photographs are original by me.

Underlined words are in connection with guitar.

-No Photoshop used.
-Samsung Wave [Cellphone Camera].
-My Guitar.
-2 Light Bulbs (15 W) - [colour - Soft White and Red].

1 comment:

  1. Visiting your blog has become an everyday delight, the kinda thing you wish to do every evening after getting home from work. :)Btw, did you know, your pictures look wonderful on a huge HD Plasma screen? ;)


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