Friday, 16 December 2011


This short-story is one of my earlier works.
Original picture drawn  by Vidushi Pandey.
The IMAGE and the STORY, both are original works.
Parenthesis is used to put emphasis on narration parts of the story.
Photoshop used on  the picture to add rain , black background   and text.


Artist - Vidushi Pandey
Photoshopped by - Shreyansh Chouradia (Springy)
He loved me and he loved me a lot. He used to say I was his angel.
(With a tear in her eye Margaret told her husband Josh.)

He cared for me more than anyone has ever done. He always used to ask me, “Come on Maggi, tell me, who was your first love”, and I always ignored that question purposely. I liked the hint of fire in his eyes. A fire of possessiveness; a fire of envy that someone else will share my love for him someday.

(Josh seemed restless. Margaret’s eyes were now drenched with tears for her lost love. Her long eyelashes, though soaked completely in tears, looked beautiful. Josh consoled her. He petted her shoulder and she wept for long in his arms. After composing herself back, she continued) :

He was in his death bed. His eyes were dark and skin had turned pale. He was counting last of his breaths.

(A drop of tear fell on Josh’s face, who was now lying on Margaret’s lap. Margaret continued, now sobbing) :

His last words asked me a question, “Maggi, who was your first love?”
All those moments spent with him rolled on before my eyes. The way we hugged, the way we cared for each other, the way he used to hold my hands. He was there whenever I needed him…

(She wept harder, but continued.)

We have laughed and cried together, celebrated and mourned together. And now…now he was leaving me.

“Who was your first love?” he me asked again.
I smiled held his hand and kissed it. I replied, and these were the words he was waiting for before leaving me forever.

“You were my first love, dad. You have always been my first love.”

Picture - Artist = Vidushi Pandey. Drawn with a black-ball point pen.

Photoshop Used for creating desired effect of rain and black background. I didn't post the original picture drawn by the Artist to avoid illegal copying.


  1. whoa! that was simply awesome... m frm ohio n i love ur blog.
    you rock \m/

  2. Oh boy! The end took me completely by surprise and left me smiling! Only Jeffery Archer's short stories have done that to me so far. :) The sketch is beautiful! I think I've seen it before. Cheers to VD! Y saludo a usted! :)

  3. man, d end of d story ws d best part! :) btw, great sketch! :D


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