Sunday, 4 December 2011


This is my first post for my first blog. It is an inception of a new world for me and I think I'd love this world as it is close to my heart. Close to my heart because it is related to 'art'. 
In words of Oscar Wilde: 

“A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament.”

This blog deals with my amateur photography, my poems and short stories. I shall also post other works of art by my friends. All the posts here are my original works and where they are from someone else, they shall be duly credited.

Please appreciate the effort and if you use any of these work credit it with the name. As Henry Kissinger said:
“Art is man’s expression of his joy in labour”
Let the joy continue to harbour in the heart of an artist by crediting his work and appreciating it.

Thank you for reading ...Your suggestions and feedback is my compass. Please do comment and give feedback.

:) Shreyansh :)

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