Wednesday, 24 December 2014


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The white snow. The cold breeze. Streets lit up with dazzling lights. Everything was just fine. It was the Christmas time. But her face wasn’t matching up with the ambiance around. She was lost. Lost in her thought. Thoughts about him. She was not sure if he would come back this year. She has been waiting for him since 5. Before that he would always come and bring gifts for her. She never saw him but it was okay. The gifts were there and she felt it comforting to know that someone cares for her.  Now she is 16. She waited for him every Christmas. ‘He would come. He always does at the middle of the night’, they said. She waited every Christmas night. He didn’t come. Not even once. Were they lying? Will he never come?

Still, in those dark eyes, there was a glint of hope. She waited. She felt drowsy. Her eyes refused to stay open but her resolve kept her awake. It was midnight. Nobody came.

It’s time, she thought. It’s time she accept the fact that Santa is not real. It was her Father who brought her those gifts. The only man who cared for her. She remembered the day she received her father’s death news. He was gunned down by a lunatic killer for no reason, whatsoever. It was a day before Christmas. She was five then. Since then gifts were not there. Santa never came.

But she still waits for that old man with white beard and the red-white Christmas costume. She knew her father couldn’t come back from the dead. But a hope lies. Santa will come. So she waited. In the white snow. The cold breeze. With streets lit up with dazzling lights. Everything was just fine. Well, almost everything.

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