Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Cellphone Camera : Samsung Galaxy Note II
The pictures have been taken from a moving car so they might appear a little blurry...

I was waiting for it and now its here
Pouring in so pure pouring in so clear
’Has arrived now after waiting so long
Sounding like a melodious song
It’s Rain, it’s rain, it’s Rain again...

 Rain drops pour this barren land
Let peasants smile standing hand in hand
They have suffered a lot; the grief and pain
But now it’s rain again

Those who were working hard
In the scorching heat playing their part
It has come for us and it has come for them
It’s rain, it’s rain, it’s rain again

So much so far we have longed for it
With the burning earth we have mourned for it
But now its time to ban each bane
’Coz it’s rain, it’s rain, it’s rain again 

The sky cried, the earth rejoiced
Filled with life every branch poised
Greys turned green & stalk produced grain
Cyst is broken and it’s rain again.

Do good, do noble says the rain
For it pours only when good men gain
Its time we value the priceless rain
’Coz we yearn for rain again and again. 

It’s rain, it’s rain, it’s rain again…

 © Shreyansh Chouradia

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