Sunday, 28 July 2013


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The temperature was a scorching 41 Degrees. The streets were empty. Not even the occasional gangs of street dogs or indifferent cows sitting like a divider on the road could be seen. It was one of the hottest days in India. But this hardly affected 4 men sitting in a luxury car with air conditioned on. They wore suits and an ID tag of the company NELCO was there around their neck. Suddenly there was a bump, a noise and then the car stopped. The driver got out.

"Tyre Puncture ho gaya hai sahab." he said.

The men got out. They found a place under a large banyan tree. It was shady and thus protected them from merciless Sun God. One of them lit a cigarette. The other bought four cups of tea from the nearest tea stall. While giving out the cups of tea, they noticed one of them was missing.

"Where is he?" asked one of them.
"Ah! He must be having one of his 'solitude' time."
"I think he is in that restaurant" another one pointed out to a nearby small Dhaba.

After finishing their cups of tea they went back to see if the car was good to go. What they saw had become a life long lesson in leadership they could not forget. They saw their colleague working in the scorching sun to set up a jack and spanner. He was helping the driver change the tyre. His expensive coat was all dirty and sweaty. Sweat was running down his face but there was smile on his face. The smile of contentment. The smile of satisfaction. The smile of humility.

The man was none other than the ex-chairman of the million dollar company we know today as TATA. The man who helped the driver that day was none other than Ratan Naval Tata.

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