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If you were born before the facebook or orkut, you must be playing this song in your head now with heaving bosoms of Madhuri. But I am not going to write about them here. It's all about our dhak dhak boy... Mr. Heart.

This post is something that just came to my mind while listening to that awful yet daring song from Krishh3. I mean you need guts to film a song like that. And Hritik, I think, took that 'guts' part quite literally.

This guy has the GUTS !

Now, dont judge me. I am not that depressed with my life to listen to the song deliberately. It was on MTV and Kangna Ranawat was ... well... doing something that even Jaadu's ancestors cannot guess what.
Then came the Indian Superhero whose abs looked like his intestines have swollen and bulged out. Remember, very 'gutsy' song it is.

The lyrics went on :
Dil tu hi bata
Kaha tha chhupa
Kyu aaj suni teri dhadkan
Pehli baar...

Kangna Ranaut doing something... 

Now isn't that just ridiculous. I mean, Mr. Heart has been doing his work 24 x 7 and still the girl is complaining. I wonder if Mr. Heart could speak up he would like Bollywood to know exactly what the function of heart is.



Bollywood : Hi Mr. Heart. How is it going?

Mr. Heart : Fine. Just had a blockage last year. But otherwise it's alright.

Bollywood : Oh come on. Now that's a small problem. You have so many other businesses to take care of. I mean you are the reason people fall in love. You are the cupid. You are the ...

Mr. Heart : Errr... I think you have mistaken me for Brain. He is the guy who does those stupid things. He has so much of free time after all. He is just like bloody government servants. The babu types who have ample time to play solitare on their computer. Or if they don't have a computer in their office they will simply exhibit their creative skills in picking their nose.  On the other hand, I was given this tiresome task of pumping red fluid 24 x 7.

Nose Picking : Creativity at its peak

Bollywood : Is it so?

Mr. Heart : Yup.

Bollywood : So you were not the one who drives girls crazy when they see Tom Cruise or that pale-shimmering-vampire what's his name?

Weirdest Fantasy : "That Shimmering Vampire"
Mr. Heart : Robert Pattison?

Bollywood : yeah him.

Mr. Heart : No. I don't have time for such useless stuffs. That's Mr. Brain releasing his magic potions called hormones.

Brain : Hey hey hey... I am guilty of getting females mad about Tom Cruise or the likes but, geee, not that shimmering guy. Even I am searching the organ, gland or hormone who just got out of control and hooked on to wierd fantasies like him.

Bollywood: So all this time I was mistaken, wasn't I? It wasn't you who is 'deewana'. It was Brain 'jo bin sajna ke maane na'?

Heart: Thank God. Now you know atleast some basics of human anatomy, I guess. Didn't you study about us in schools? We are like Shahrukh and Salman of biology you know. Quite a celebrity.

BFF : Hollywood & Bollywood
Bollywood: I never paid attention to what teachers taught. I never researched in college projects. I never had to. I had my buddy Hollywood to copy from.

 But hey, wait a minute. Even Hollywood thinks you are the reason behind love, passion, desire, etc.  Now, he can't be wrong, can he? I mean, come on, he is from 'phoren' country and people from 'phoren' are cleaner, fairer, even their kids and servants speak english. They can't be wrong.


I think it is you.  You have it in you. You just don't know your potential, my boy. You don't know it yet. But you will my dear friend. My heart knows it.

Heart: No, you freaking idiot. Your heart knows nothing about all that crap. We 'hearts' know nothing about anything except pumping bloods and then eventually dealing with a blockage and die. We know nothing about your bloody things like love and passions. Instead, we give people heart attacks and kill them and..... hey, hey... where are you going you fuck face... listen to me.

Bollywood shook his head, certain that there is something deep in Mr. Heart's heart and he will know it soon. He walked off slowly in style without turning back to listen to Mr Heart.

But then we know our beloved Bollywood. There is always style...only style. No matter. Just like this post which I don't know why I am writing. May be that's what my heart wants me to do. Or does he really? If you find out the answer, let me know.

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