Sunday, 22 January 2012


Image taken at Chandrapur, Chhattisgarh, India.
Sometimes I feel are you there?
Sometimes it feels as I don’t exist
Sometimes its like I am the world
Sometimes its like trapped in a cyst

Do I see what doesn’t exist
Or do I see what I look
Do I have to close my eyes
Or open them and read a book

It’s a mystery I know it is
Neither maths nor history can solve
Is it me or is it you
Should I struggle or should I evolve

World exists? or only in my mind
What is mind and who are You
When I close my eyes and my ears
Am I, me; are You, You?

Help me to make me see
What really it is
Is this my world
Or everything is His

I want to see all the colours
I want to hear all the songs
I want to see how time dresses
I want to see to whom it belongs

Yearning to see how truth looks like
What colour is the rose, what colour the skies
It’s me yearning for You
O Lord, please, listen to my cries.

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